07 March 2015

Tournament History

Brief History

In 1986 ERSFNA held its first soccer tournament with five (5) teams in Atlanta, GA.  Despite its small size, the tournament was very competitive and set precedent for future tournaments.   Since its inception, in addition to flourishing Men’s soccer and Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball programs, in partnership with Eritrean Communities across the United States, ERSFNA has successfully implemented a thriving youth soccer programs.

Past Tournament Host & Men's Division Champions



Host City


1 1986 Atlanta, GA Dallas
2 1987 Miami, FL Dallas
3 1988 Houston, TX Washington, D.C.
4 1989 Los Angeles, CA Miami
5 1990 Dallas, TX Virginia
6 1991 San Jose, CA Washington, D.C.
7 1992 Atlanta, GA San Francisco - Dahlak
8 1993 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.
9 1994 Oakland, CA Santa Clara
10 1995 Miami, FL Virginia
11 1996 Seattle, WA Las Vegas
12 1997 Toronto, ON Vancouver
13 1998 Minneapolis, MN Santa Clara - Werirra
14 1999 San Diego, CA Alexandria - Keren
15 2000 Houston, TX Alexandria - Keren
16 2001 Atlanta, GA San Francisco - Dahlak
17 2002 Toronto, ON Alexandria - Keren
18 2003 Chicago, IL Alexandria - Keren
19 2004 San Jose, CA Seattle - Adulis
20 2005 Minneapolis, MN Seattle - Adulis
21 2006 Seattle, WA San Francisco - Dahlak
22 2007 Washington, D.C. Santa Clara - Werirra
23 2008 Dallas, TX Alexandria - Keren
24 2009 San Diego, CA Norway
25 2010 Atlanta, GA Baltimore - Fenkil
26 2011 Oakland, CA Seattle - Adulis
27 2012 Minneapolis, MN Baltimore - Fenkil
28 2013 San Diego, CA Baltimore - Fenkil
29 2014 Washington, D.C. Santa Clara - Werrira
30 2015 Los Angeles, CA Santa Clara - Werrira
31 2016 Altanta, GA San Francisco - Dahlak
32 2017 Oakland, CA Las Vegas - Sin City


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ERI Sports News

Meb Keflezighi becomes oldest U.S. Olympic distance runner


Keflezighi Flag r900x493LOS ANGELES – Mebrahtom Keflezighi, known to all as Meb, will be the oldest U.S. Olympic runner in history when he toes the starting line of the men’s marathon in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 21.

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Eritrea’s Resounding victory in the 2016 African Continental Cycling Championships

Eritrean Cycling Team Number 1 in Africa 2016 81For the sixth consecutive year, Eritrea won the men’s elite team time trial competition at the African Continental Cycling Championships, held in Morocco.

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Teklehaimanot Inspiring Africa More than Ever

By Pierre Carrey 

daniel teklehaimanot111Is the new African hero coming back to an African race? Abdul Razak Umar, of the Ghana National Team, is a big fan of Daniel Teklehaimanot and is looking forward to race in the same peloton as him, at the African Continental Championships, next Friday, near Casablanca, Morocco.

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